Eric Church shares another cryptic video


Eric Church has done it again!

Earlier this month, Eric posted a mystery video that ended up being the trailer for his single, The Outsiders

Now he's gone and done it again, posting the video above to Facebook and saying:

There's a battle that every outsider must fight.
Pay attention to the string of events that are about to happen.

Prepare yourself… warn the others.

The video title is Waiting On Me To Cross That Line and the description says: 

Traces of an announcement are hanging in the corner
Keep an eye out here… 

In the video, November 4th is marked so I assume that's the date for fans to be watching out for another song or big announcement. At the end of the video, the words "the good fight" are also highlighted so maybe that's the name of his next song. 

This is definitely a fun way for Eric to keep fans engaged.