Cole Swindell talks about his late Father, slangin T-shirts, and being single

Cole swindell

He’s going to be a HUGE star. I’d bet all my chips on that. Such a nice guy too…take a listen to my recent interview with Cole Swindell.

Looking for something specifically? Skip ahead to these marks.
:00 Cole talks about his late father
:54 Isn’t every merch guy and girl a singer? How did you standout?
2:29 Was that really Luke’s truck in the pond?
3:04 How do you pronounce Swindell?
4:11 When will the album be out?
4:33 Are you single?
4:45 What’s the obsession with dixie cups?
5:32 Will Luke be on the album?
5:57 Are people still asking you about Zac Brown’s recent comments?

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