Boy can sing! Chris Young is the first country artist to take part in the Grammy’s ReImagined series

Chris Young Grammys Reimagined
The Grammys have this very cool web series called ReImagined where singers sing Grammy award winning songs of other artists. There are loads of country songs that have been covered by various singers over the last few months, but up until now no country artists had taken part. 

That's now changed. 

Chris Young recently performed an impressive
rendition of Eric Clapton’s classic hit Change The World. Young’s stirring performance, shot in Los Angeles late last month, can be seen below. An interview about the song can be seen exclusively at (or on YouTube) beginning today.  

Fans can also check
out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and an interview from the set on the TV
news series, OMG!

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    music nut

    I knew Chris could sing and well, just WOW at this cover. Get that boy a CMA award for best male singer!

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