Brooks & Dunn discuss the possible real reason for their breakup … on Facebook

There are always two sides to every breakup, and apparently band breakups are no different. 

Back in 2009, Brooks & Dunn called it quits. At the time, they had said that there was no bad blood, no fighting, just two men who had decided that after nearly two decades of working together, it was time to go and do their own thing. 

Now four years later, however, it seems that the real truth behind the seemingly amicable breakup may have finally been revealed on the same forum that all secrets eventually get told these days … Facebook. 

Ronnie Dunn took to his Facebook last week (10/20) to post a bit of a cryptic message. He wrote

Will you do some trivia research for me ?

1. The LAST Brooks and Dunn #1 was what song and what year ?

2. What year did Kix take over American Country Countdown ?


Well okay then.

A little digging around (actually just reading The Country Vibe's story from about the same time) shows that B&D’s last hit was their 2005 Play Something Country, while Brooks took over his American Country Countdown in January of 2006.  

Ronnie followed up his initial trivia question after fans started commenting about his motives by saying, “This is about the competitive environment of conglomerated radio…..nothing negative about the guy in the cowboy hat. Play Something Country was the last #1 B&D had. Kix taking over the countdown on a major conglomerate’s network in a highly competitive environment was the beginning of the end for B&D.”

The next day after Ronnie blamed Kix for the downfall of Brooks & Dunn, Kix commented personally on Ronnie's Facebook saying (screen grab at bottom of story): 

this one really makes me sad pard – whatever you've got going on with with your attack on Radio now is certainly your business, but when someone said you'd implied that my hosting ACC had something to do with any lack of BnD success at Radio i didn't believe it – if you remember ABC not Cumulus signed me back in 06 – a big network, but every major network without exception carried the show though out our carrier – i sat down with you and asked you what you thought, and said i would never do it if you thought there was any chance it would not be good for us – you encouraged me to do so – it's been really fun for me – today our dear friend Reba called to congratulate me on winning the National Air Personality award – i was so excited, and then i read this – i cherish the years we made music and ran the road together -thanks to these fans we certainly got to live the dream –

And then (screen grab at bottom of story):

i've always admired your singing and i think you've always been admired for being one of the best – not sure what all this is about – wish all our fans the best – this music was for you – thanks for the ride – let's a break on the hate – kb

I think most people assumed there was more to the story of Brooks & Dunn stepping away from their highly successful and long-running partnership, but who would've guessed that much of it would be hashed out on Facebook by Kix and Ronnie themselves?  


Since the original Facebook post and comments, nothing else has been said about all this, at least not that I've been able to find, although Ronnie has been on a pretty good rant about the state of radio. Let's just hope these two can head to a bar and have a cold one together. Sounds like they may have some stuff to work through that would be best left off of Facebook. 

Hat tip to The Country Vibe for the original story and to Broadway and Vickye on Twitter for gabbing about it this morning or I may have totally missed all the drama. 

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