Brad Paisley invites fans to create their own video

Brad Paisley has teamed with Magisto, the automatic
video-editing app, to invite fans to create their own music videos, themed
around Paisley's new song, "I Can't Change the World." Featured as a selection
in Magisto's new "Country" editing theme, the lyrics to "I Can't Change the
World" proclaim, "I can't change the world / Baby, that's for sure / But if you
let me, girl / I can change yours." Using this message as the music bed,
Paisley is encouraging fans to make a music video to celebrate someone they know
who has changed their world.

From now until October 29, 2013, all
Magisto-created movies that include the hashtag #changedmyworld in their title
and Paisley's "I Can't Change the World" as the music bed will be entered to
win special prizes. 

Find out more info here.