Julie Roberts, ‘Good Wine and Bad Decisions’ – Album Review

Good-Wine-Bad-DecisionsJulie Robert first burst onto the scene with 2004's "Breakdown Here," which ultimately charted in the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot Country Songs tally. She then followed that up with a pair of records for Mercury, later releasing music on her own Ain't Skeerd label. Despite lack of commericial viability or radio hits, Julie did not let that damper her progression to a admirable beacon of hope in a dismal country music landscape, delivering her best recordings of her career.

With "Good Wine and Bad Decisions" she attempts to carve out her own little niche in the market, a sulty hybrid of blues, country, americana and soul. Needless to say, she delivers one of the year's truly interesting records. As her first wide scale release in seven (long) years, Julie's album is the first release in decades for the iconic Sun Records, a studio which gave fans the blessed music of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Conway Twitter (among many others). It's touted as "Where Rock and Roll Was Born," and Julie does not disappointed with "Good Wine." In fact, her voice has never sounded as good, or as alluring as it does here.


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Garth Brooks’ final Vegas show to air live on CBS

Garth Vegas
Hey, my birthday got extra special this year!

On November 29th (my B-day), Garth Brooks' last Las Vegas show will air live on CBS. 

Very cool. 

Full details below: 

Country music superstar Garth Brooks will perform a rare live broadcast concert special, "Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas," from the Encore Theater at the Wynn Las Vegas, Friday, November 29 (9:00 – 11:00 PM LIVE ET/ delayed PT) on the CBS Television Network. This television concert event will feature Brooks' final performance of his critically acclaimed, one man show at the Wynn Las Vegas, which has played to sold out audiences for the past three years.

"Garth Brooks, Live from Las Vegas" will feature Brooks in a very intimate setting, playing his guitar as he takes the audience through the musical journey that led him to become the number one selling solo artist in U.S. history. He will share his experiences listening to different musicians throughout his life, starting with the music of Merle Haggard and George Jones. Then, other musicians who influenced him like Simon & Garfunkle, James Taylor, Otis Redding, Bob Seger, George Strait and many, many, more. Throughout the show, Garth will perform some of their classic songs and show you how they influenced his greatest hits.

"Blame it all on my roots," said Brooks, "This is the soundtrack of my life. Growing up the last of six kids, music was the life blood of our family and as you can imagine, mom, dad, and each kid had his or her own favorite stuff and it all funneled down to me." 


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