‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 4 – RECAP


It’s Rayna’s mom’s birthday (and 30 years since her death),
so she and Tandy have taken the girls to visit her grave. Maddie’s still being
moody, but she’s been listening to a lot of Deacon’s music, particularly the
song ‘A Life That’s Good’. Rayna invites the girls to be her dates to the
Symphony Ball, an event her father runs each year, carrying on from her mother’s
work before her death. Rayna later speaks quietly to the grave alone, tearful
that she’s lost her voice and she feels so lost (I can’t help feeling there’s
some parallels to her feelings about Deacon here). At the symphony ball, Maddie
is unhappy and bitching every chance she gets. She is really happy to see her Teddy
at the ball, however this is shortlived, as Peggy turns up. Teddy has proposed
to Peggy with his mother’s ring, which Peggy is wearing around her neck, so as
not to arouse suspicion. Unfortunately Maddie gets it straight away and yells
at everyone, storming off and running away. 


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