Scotty McCreery, ‘See You Tonight’ (Deluxe Edition) — Album Review

"American Idol" season 10 winner Scotty McCreery is ready for you to take notice on his newly released "See You Tonight" record (Oct. 15). As the follow up to his major label debut "Clear As Day" (now a platinum set), he ventures to showcase a more mature sound, tapping into the mainstream's affinity for pop and hip-hop influences. Boasting 16 tracks, he makes sure not to stray too far from his traditional roots, adding healthy doses of steel guitar, fiddle and guitar.

What "See You Tonight" does, quite remarkably, is pinpoint exactly where Scotty fits in the current radio landscape. His youthful exhuberance pours through, and his vocal phrasing is vastly improved. He co-wrote five of the album's tracks, sharpening his growing skillset as a true artist. On the songs he didn't have a hand in creating, he shows that he has an ear for great material.


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Exclusive: Lindi Ortega peels back the layers of the struggling artist and loneliness on “Tin Star”


Lindi Ortega is one of this year's truly interesting vocalists, having recently dropped her stellar "Tin Star" record. Peeling back the layers of the struggling artist, she hopes to shed light on those talented individuals who may not be getting the commercial success and acclaim they so rightly deserve. As the followup to her critically heralded "Cigarettes & Truckstops" disc, Lindi continues to march to her own melancholic drum, beating down naysayers and digging up lonely bodies along the way.

Nashville Gab had the chance to catch up with the singer-songwriter to discuss "Tin Star" and its place among the year's best releases and what's behind her fascination with skulls and death. Lindi also weighs in on the mainstream country radio landscape and praises the work of Kacey Musgraves, a pioneer in her own right.


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 3 – RECAP


Rayna is wanting to get back in the studio, so she calls
Liam to help her get it back on track. He initially rejects her because she
claims she wants it to be all about the music, but returns to make her
apologize for St Lucia and beg to have him come back to produce her. Rayna
reluctantly admits to him that she’s lost her singing voice, and is not sure it’ll
ever return. Liam promises to delay the album as much as he can while she works
with a voice therapist, and then they fall into each other’s arms and sleep
together (FINALLY!!). Rayna meets with Jeff, who wants to start afresh with
her, inviting her to perform at this stocks event, and she agrees. Rayna calls
Scarlett and lets her in on the secret of losing her voice, organizing to
introduce Highway 65 and Scarlett instead of herself. Jeff is furious, and
suspicious of what else might be going on with Rayna. Teddy and Rayna sign
divorce papers and everything is final. Feeling alone, he goes to Peggy, who is
still lying about being pregnant, and they get back together. 


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