Kenny Rogers’ new album streaming in full on

Legendary music icon Kenny Rogers returns with his brand new album "You Can't Make Old Friends" on
October 8th via Warner Bros. Records. Beginning this week, fans can
stream the record for free a
week early through October 7 on The album reunites Rogers with
long-time friend and collaborator, Dolly Parton, for a brand new duet on the
title track, “You Can’t Make Old Friends.”

a thrill it was for me to work again with my buddy, Dolly Parton, and what a
special song,” remarked Rogers. “Working with Dolly is always a little like
going home. Everything felt comfortable." 


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‘Nashville’, Season 2, Episode 1 – RECAP


The recaps are back!

Well, if Deyna fans weren’t traumatized for life already,
they certainly are now. Rayna is in a coma and has been for 2 weeks (after
Deacon pulled her out of the wreck), and things aren’t looking good. Deacon is
in jail for claiming he crashed the car, trying to take the blame and having a
lawyer given to his case, which Teddy is trying to use to sentence Deacon. We
can see his mental state as he yells at Scarlett when she comes to see him in
jail. Flashbacks are present a lot during the episode, showing Deacon getting
out of rehab the first time and buying Rayna her dream house. It shows them
being cute together, and this is followed by another where Deacon proposes to
Rayna after learning that she’s been dating Teddy, and they have steamy
romantic sex. However, another flashback shows us the next morning, where Rayna
finds Deacon amid a pile of alcohol, and realizes he was drunk when he proposed,
and doesn’t remember asking her. Heartbroken, she tears the ring off. The final
flashback shows Deacon just before his final time in rehab, trashing their house
while Rayna runs up to try and stop him, but Tandy stands in her way. We find out
that here Rayna is pregnant, and it shows some of her thought processes leading
up to the ultimate decision she makes. 


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