Wynonna Judd uses a little dirty pool to wrangle an apology from a fellow blogger

Suck it up
This story is kind of laughable in how silly it is, and yet it irritates me to no end because I've been in the exact same boat many times before myself. 

On Friday, The Tennessean ran a photo on their Facebook page of Wynonna Judd, someone who I've always respected in the past, showing off her hand that had notes written on it. Turns out they were notes for the national anthem as she was performing the song at the Vanderbilt game that night. 

Wy juddThey asked their Facebook fans: 

Wynonna shows national anthem 'cheat sheet' at Vanderbilt game http://tnne.ws/1cokCqR . Would you rather an artist have a cheat sheet or mess up the words to the national anthem? 

Many people had opinions on the subject and there are loads of comments on the picture, both good and bad. Skip ahead a day or two and in comes Country Music Tattle Tale who ran a story with the headline: "Wynonna Judd uses cheat sheet to perform national anthem." 

Granted, watching the video posted with the story it doesn't appear that Wy ever actually used the notes on her hand, but still a harmless enough headline – or so you'd think. The story itself said nothing remotely against Wynonna. It referenced The Tennessean's Facebook page and even defended Wynonna against those who might go after her for writing the words on her hand. 

Wynonna Judd performed The National Anthem prior the the Vanderbilt game last week. The Tennessean revealed that the singer actually used a "cheat sheet" to ensure she got the words correct.

Some people are up in arms over it…saying as a true American, we should all know the words. I say, I've never sang the the song in front of thousands of people, but I'm sure I'd be nervous as hell. I would rather get the words right than be chastised for getting 'em wrong.

And that was the extent of the story. 

Well Ms. Judd made the same mistake that so many people seem to make, and something, as I said above, that I've experienced way too many times in the past myself … she read the headline without apparently bothering to read the story attached to it. She ended up getting pissed about the whole "cheat sheet" bit, as a follow up article on CMTT attests to today.  

Wynonna tweeted Country Music Tattle Tale about being insulted by the headline. 

@cmtt@WynonnaMusic used a cheat sheet to sing the national anthemhttp://t.co/5tKFzNZflt” INSULTED…..

@cmtt I would appreciate an apology please.

@cmtt The title said enough.. I don’t appreciate the word cheat. Period. I have been an artist for 30 yrs. #Integrity

Unfortunately, it didn't stop with Wy demanding an apology, she also decided to fight a bit dirty. 

@cmtt The name of your rag says it all.

So when all else fails, let's attack the blog's choice of names. That seems fair.

I'm afraid by that point I probably would have had to have told Wynonna and all her Twitter followers who allegedly went after Tawny, the writer of the story, over this whole silly perceived injustice with the use of the word "cheat sheet" to get bent seven ways to Sunday. Fortunately, Tawny appears to be a bit more mature and tight lipped than I am and eventually said sorry and all was right with the world again. 

But wait, there's more. After it was all over, Wynonna decided to write about why she took such offense. 

I became defensive because that night was an important night for me & for my husband Cactus Moser. A year ago, he lay in a bed at Stallworth Rehabilitation Center, blocks away from where we did the anthem. The Dr. who saved his shattered left hand had Vanderbilt invite us to the game to do the anthem. He is 1 of the doctors for the Vanderbilt team. Cactus was very emotion filled as we performed. A year ago he lay in his hospital bed & could hear the roar of the crowd. Tostand there, able to play, after being told he would never play again, & Dr. Weikert standing right there witnessing the miracle of how far Cactus had come, was quite a celebration. I wish that could have been the story. The article instead was about something so trivial. The media, the press misses so many chances to celebrate the good.

That's a great story and it's understandable why it would be an emotional night for Wy and her husband, but it still doesn't explain or excuse the attack mode she went into against CMTT. I mean first she took offense to the proper use of the term cheat sheet (one that The Tennessean used first and that she happily showed off in the Facebook photo), then she attacks CMTT's choice of blog name and uses the hashtags #integrity and #lame while trying to sound superior. Then in the end she decides to top it all off and make the whole attack against a story that actually defended her in the first place seem better by using her husband's accident a year ago to justify being kind of petty, defensive, and more than a little overly sensitive.

I'm sorry but this whole thing stinks to high heaven. CMTT never once said Wynonna cheated and in fact defended her use of the notes on her hand, bringing up how difficult it must be to sing in front of thousands. Wynonna went on an unprovoked attack over one silly word that she completely took out of context. If anyone deserves an apology in this attack it's Tawny and CMTT. 

Integrity indeed. 

And if anyone would like to attack me over how I feel about this whole ridiculous story, you can write me at kissmycountryass@get-bent.com.