Westboro Baptist Church crazies planning to picket Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton
Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! What is wrong with these people?

Liz pointed out this morning to me on Twitter that the Westboro Baptist nutjobs are at it again. This time they're planning on picketing Blake Shelton's upcoming concert October 3 in Kansas City, Missouri because they say that Blake Shelton's adultery (performed against his first wife) has made Miranda Lambert a whore.

Such a lovely group of people they are. 

I just hope Blake takes his happy drunk ass out and confronts the picketers like Vince Gill did, but with more cussing and definitely more video. 

On a side note, the picketers should probably pray hard to whatever God it is they think they're serving that Miranda Lambert doesn't show up because they'd probably get a little more hellfire and damnation than they know what to do with.

Also, I know I shouldn't give these people any publicity but I just can't help myself … they're so dang infuriating.