Vince Gill personally confronts Westboro Baptist picketers at his concert


Mad respect going out to Vince Gill who yesterday at his concert in Kansas City, Missouri left the confines of the Kauffman Center to confront the ass-hats from Westboro Baptist Church who decided to picket the show due to Vince being an "adulter" in their eyes. 

From the YouTube description:

Vince Gill meets WBC in Kansas City, MO — at his Concert on 9/8/13 at Kauffman Center — they picketed him because he is an "adulterer." Vince clearly left his southern hospitality in the … somewhere else! And the Westboro Baptists tell him Jesus says he is only supposed to have one wife … And that he is married to "another Man's wife." Vince responds with Jesus' love.

Apparently the group had a problem with the fact that Vince had gotten divorced and remarried in the past. Strange that the WBC would give a crap about Vince and his marriage situation, but nothing really surprises me these with these people. 

[Source: Facebook]

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