United Way reveals amount raised by Toby Keith’s Twister Relief Concert

Toby Keith
Two months after his July concert to help raise funds for victims of the Oklahoma tornado earlier this year, the amount of money raised has finally been announced. 

According to News OK, nearly $2 million dollars was raised with donations still coming in. 

“At the end of the day, Okies, all the way back to the Dust Bowl, are kind of used to picking themselves up and making sure each other’s taken care of. Pretty amazing, resilient bunch,” Keith said backstage at the star-studded July 6 concert. 

“Every time something happens (like this), music people get together. Music’s a good healing for emotions and stuff, so the emotional relief you can provide through music always works. I knew when it hit Moore that we were gonna do something, I just didn’t know … we were gonna get something of this magnitude together.”

Fans can still donate to the cause by heading to the United Way home page at www.unitedwayokc.org

[Photo: countryweekly.com]