Trace Adkins no longer listed as a Show Dog artist on label’s website

Toby Keith Trace Adkins
Has Trace Adkins lost his record deal at Toby Keith's Show Dog-Universal record label?

NashvilleGab friend, Mary Kay, pointed out to me this morning that Trace Adkins was no longer listed on Show Dog-Universal's website. I headed over and sure enough his profile has went poof and is gone from their artist page. Currently they have Toby Keith, JT Hodges, Joel Crouse, Krystal Keith, Rose Falcon, Josh Thompson, and the Alabama & Friends CD listed on their artist page. 

So where is Trace?  

Honestly, I don't know. Heck, I didn't even know that he wasn't listed on Show Dog's site anymore, but I do know that nothing's been officially said about Trace possibly leaving the label. 

I do have a feeling, though, that if Trace has been released from Show Dog (or he's left on his own) he'll be just fine. He recently revealed that he's been thinking lately about his eventual radio irrelevancy: 

“It’s like Toby [Keith] said to me, ‘One day radio is going to get tired of playing our stuff.’ And I’m probably there. I’ve probably been there for the last three or four years,” Adkins said in a telephone interview. “I’m not going to be bitter about it. When they started playing my record in 1996, they stopped playing someone else’s. That’s just the way it works.”

Trace was the very first artist Toby Keith's Show Dog-Universal signed back in 2010. At the time he said about luring Trace from Capitol:

"While touring together this past summer, Toby and I had some time to get to know each other better and we discovered that as artists, we share a common vision," says Adkins. "I've had 15 great years at Capitol Records/Nashville and I respect and appreciate everyone I've worked with there. But, the excitement surrounding this merger is very invigorating and I'm really excited about the future and the opportunities and possibilities that are ahead at Show Dog-Universal Music. 

"I'm so excited to be working with Trace," said Keith. "We both worked the same old bar circuit of the Southwest years ago at the same time. We are just alike and see eye to eye in so many ways. Me and entire Show Dog-Universal Music staff are ready to tear it up for him." 

Trace does have a new album coming out in October, a Christmas album called "The King's Gift." Wikipedia says that the album is being released by Caliburn, but this isn't a label (if that's what it is) that I've been able to find any info about. 

Like I said, I'm sure Trace will be just fine no matter what the truth is, but it's still sad if Trace has parted ways with Show Dog.  

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    his contract was up, he didn’t resign , geez you gonna wait to see when he farts next. Remember trace sais no ones playing his songs. things were gonna change. I think his plate was just too full, his fil is ill and hes doing a album, movies and childrens books, not to mention wounded warrier project and other charties. funny no publicty on trace cept when he had a slip and frank. 90% of the male country singers go on stage drunk and laugh about it. oh thats ok, but if Trace does something wrong , wow everyone is talking. well we at TRACES LADIES , TRACES BAD ANGELS , TRACES FAN CLUB FULLY SUPPORT TRACE. HE WILL BE FINE IN NO TIME . WE STAND BY TRACE AND HIS FAMILY 100%


      Bravo, Ruth!!

    jon macvean

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