There was an armadillo heist at a recent Willie Nelson concert

Willie Nelson
It's a heist worthy of a western novel. 

Or at least a post on my blog. 

Someone swiped a special toy armadillo from the stage at a recent Willie Nelson concert in New York and the owner would really like it back. 

Ol' Dillo belongs to Aaron Foye, Willie's monitor engineer, and is apparently a pretty treasured possession. A pretty damn ballsy lady decided on Thursday that she wanted a memento from the show so she walked right up on stage after the concert and took the armadillo. Now Willie's pleading with fans to watch video of the incident and help bring the stuffed animal back. He posted on Facebook:

Someone stole Aaron's Armadillo from the sound desk backstage on Sept 19 at the Capital Theater (149 Westchester Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573)
Did you go to the show? Did you work the show? Help us find the WOMAN in this video who stole him.

Crazy to think that there's some woman out there somewhere with a stolen toy armadillo causing all this trouble. If you know anything about the Great Armadillo Caper, you can contact Capitol Theatre. If you're bored and want to read some funny armadillo-related comments to this story, visit Willie's Facebook page

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