Spotlight: The men of open mic night in Logan, WV

There is a little town in southern West Virginia tucked back into the mountains. Logan, WV is a town known for the infamous Hatfield & Mccoy feud. It's also known for coal mining. However, there is one other thing that seems to be buzzin' around….. Open Mic Night.

BJ's is a small bar where most come to drink or gamble, with the exception of a few fellas who come for one thing & one thing only, to sing their music for a crowd. Wednesday night is a special night especially for Jeremy Queen, Travis Podunavac and Derek Bowen. They each have their own style and their own preference in music but the one thing they have in common is that they need it to live.


Jeremy Queen remembers a time when he use to sing Garth Brooks in his bedroom. His passion for music ranges from country to rock. On any given Wednesday night you can find him on a bar stool, guitar in hand, doing Luke Bryan covers. His voice is authentic and he adds his own flavor to each song he sings. Jeremy is currently laid off from the coal mines, along with hundreds of other miners. The only good thing that comes from being laid off? Well more time for music, of course.

Derek Bowen

Derek Bowen has the best voice of the bunch. He prefers to sing original songs. He don't fit into any genre, unless you call it the Derek Bowen genre. He is his own style. The best way to describe it? I would have to say a pinch of soul, mixed with a scoop of folk. We could also add a gram of country depending on your taste. Derek has one hell of a voice. It's powerful, raw and pulls you in. It's safe to say in the next 5-10 years Derek Bowen will be a household name.


Travis Podunavac is the youngest of the bunch but he knows his stuff. He is country from his feet to his hair. He likes to do the classic stuff such as George Strait. Everything about him screams country. His voice is good and his guitar skills aren't to far behind either.

Sometimes you have to go beyond the radio, beyond the billboard charts to find REAL music. The struggles is what makes music worth the while. All three of these guys are REAL musicians. If there was ever a time that I was proud of where I come from, it was while watching these guys perform.


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