Nicole Kidman knocked down by bike-riding paparazzi

Nicole kidman
If that ain't the face of someone saying, "Oh shiznit!" I don't know what is. 

According to TMZ, Keith Urban's wife, Nicole Kidman, is in New York for fashion week and was knocked down today by a photographer on a bicycle. 

Apparently Nicole had just left the Calvin Klein show and was heading back to her hotel when the guy above, a New York photographer named Carl Wu (he got started as a paparazzi when he was just 14), got a little too close for comfort and ended up slamming into Nicole and knocking her down. 

According to eye witnesses, Nicole was furious and wanted to press charges but the police refused to arrest Wu. 

Paramedics were on the the scene but it doesn't appear that Nicole was seriously injured. 

Nic's hubby, Keith Urban, wasn't on hand and is set to perform in Cleveland, Ohio tonight. 

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