Miranda Lambert is back in the studio

Miranda Lambert
Looks like it's time to start getting excited for new Miranda Lambert music. 

Back on August 25th, Miranda Tweeted that she was headed back to the studio.

"Thanks for an awesome night last night Raleigh! Back in Nashville. Time to make a record!"

Then on Saturday, she tweeted album news again. 

"Got a great start on a record this week! @blakeshelton this calls for a drink!"

Sounds like she's definitely busy getting back to work on the follow-up to "Four The Record."

Back in June, Miranda had said that the thought of getting to work on a new album freaked her out a bit, telling AZ Central (quote via The Boot): “I freak out every time. I’m like a basket case when it’s time to make a record. I get so nervous as to ‘Is this gonna work? Is this gonna be the album that stops selling, that stops getting nominated?’ I know that I can’t live like that. I can’t do my whole career like that. But it definitely crosses my mind.”

As for what fans can expect from her new record, Miranda says it will probably be more lighthearted than her others.

“I think I’m just gonna have fun because I’ve been serious a lot,” she notes. “I’ve written songs about killing people and sad songs, and I really want to do a tour that’s just a lot of fun, so I want to do an album with more fun songs.”

I love every one of Miranda's CDs and can't wait to see what the future holds. 

If you missed Miranda's last album, "Four The Record," you can purchase it from Amazon and iTunes

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