Miranda Lambert doesn’t just rescue dogs, she also adopts them

Miranda Lambert Big Dog  Ranch

Miranda Lambert's animal rescue efforts are well known, but it turns out that she doesn't just rescue animals, she also adopts them. 

Over the weekend, Miranda paid a visit to the Big Dog Ranch in Wellington, Florida and adopted a sweet little puppy. The visit was extra special, though, as it all happened thanks to one little girl's efforts. 

6-year-old August Riley Weinberger volunteers at the Big Dog Ranch rescue and is a huge fan of Miranda Lambert. Knowing that Miranda was going to be in the area on Saturday to perform and knowing what an animal lover she is, the little girl decided that she wanted to see if she could get Miranda to visit the shelter to help spread the word about the good that they do. Riley made a video pleading with Miranda to come and visit so "we could save more dogs lives.” 

Riley's dream officially came true when Miranda paid a visit to Big Dog Ranch on Saturday afternoon. She met Riley, her family, and ended up adopting a puppy that she named Bellamy (after the Bellamy brothers). 

“Miranda was wonderful and very kind,” said Eric Weinberger, Riley’s father. He also said that Miranda donated some much-needed money to the rescue. 

Miranda tweeted about her visit, saying: "I visited Big Dog Ranch Rescue today in West Palm Beach. Amazing place & great people helping so many dogs in need!"

No word on if Bellamy will be a permanent member of Miranda's ever-growing animal family or if she plans on finding him another forever home, either way he's definitely one lucky pup. 

[Source/Photo courtesy Miranda Lambert's Facebook]