Loretta Lynn cancels weekend shows due to broken ribs

Ouch. If you’ve ever suffered a broken rib then you know the last thing you want to do is actually move, so I couldn’t imagine having to get up on stage and perform. 

Unfortunately, Loretta Lynn suffered two broken ribs (ouch x2) over the long Labor Day weekend and ended up having to cancel shows this weekend in Oklahoma. 

Loretta let fans know about the cancellation as well as how she hurt herself on Facebook

**Weekend Shows Cancelled**

I’ve had to cancel my shows in Oklahoma this weekend. I hate more than anything to miss shows, but sometimes you just have to. 

I’m like an accident waiting to happen these days. I was trying to get my guitar down out of my closest and the dang thing fell on top of me causing me to fall into my dresser. All this happened right before my big Labor Day Concert at my Ranch in Hurricane Mills. I didn’t know how bad I hurt myself until the next day. Come to find out I had broken two of my ribs. We are rescheduling the shows now, I hate more than anything to have to miss shows, but it’s something you just have to do. 

I just hope everyone comes back to see me in OK.

At least she’s okay and I’m sure will be back in action soon enough. Her next scheduled show is in Florida on September 13. 



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