LIFE Unseen: Johnny Cash book. (Special Release) – Review


 Guest Writer:

          So LIFE magazine has released a special issue in honor of the Legendary Johnny Cash. This LIFE book is filled with rare and never-seen photographs of The Man in Black’s life. It’s 112 pages chalk-full of photographs of Cash’s personal and professional life. The special book also contains Reminiscences by Rosanne Cash (Johnny Cash’s Eldest daughter) and John Carter Cash (Johnny and June’s only child together). LIFE also includes a short, simple bio of Cash as well. 

        LIFE was contacted by Sony Music Entertainment, which acquired Columbia Records (Johnny Cash’s home base for most of his career) back in 1988. Sony had extensive photo archives of the artists that had been signed to their labels. They had archives of Johnny Cash. Family Photos, behind-the-scenes shots from concerts and studio sessions, outtakes from photo shoots, Photos of his houses (including the Lake House in Hendersonville, TN), etc. This was, in the words of LIFE, "A treasure trove of Johnny Cash."



      This led LIFE to dig deeper and contact others involved in the life and career of Johnny Cash. They decided to put together a new line of books to "present some of the world’s biggest stars as you’ve never known them." This book is one in a series of releases (So keep an eye out for more!). This Johnny Cash issue will be on shelves until 11/22/13, So get yours while they last!

       Now as for the book at hand: As I’ve said before, this book contains rare and never-seen photos. It also includes a Bio and Reminiscences by 2 of Cash’s children. There are some photos that we have seen before, like the famous “Million Dollar Quartet" picture from Sun Studio in Memphis. But these photos are must-haves for any Cash fan, and are necessary to tell Johnny Cash’s story in photographs.



      I, myself, am a self-proclaimed ”Johnny Cash Enthusiast”. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it, not just to Cash fans, but to anyone smart enough to realize the importance of this man to music history. This is definitely worth the money. I have read both of Cash’s autobiographies and numerous other publications on Johnny Cash, this LIFE Unseen book is a MUST BUY for any fan!



      I promise you won’t be disappointed! So go out and get a copy! AND keep an eye out for more LIFE Unseen releases!

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