Krystal Keith’s New Single “Get Your Redneck On”


Krystal Keith will release her first single from her upcoming album Whiskey & Lace on Sept. 30th, 2013. Incase you aren't familiar with Krystal, you should know that she is the daughter of Toby Keith. She is one of the few females who sings real country music. I had a chance to preview the new single and I must say I'm impressed. Obviously, the moment I saw the word "redneck" I was sold. Krystal has such a strong voice, she's really a great singer. I also really like the lyrics. Her reference to moonshine was genius. How many female artists do you hear mention moonshine? I can't think of one, especially not in 2013. I love how Krystal is authentic and makes no excuses for who she is. The song isn't super fast paced but it isn't a ballad either. It's a good medium. Hopefully country radio will like the song as much as I did. Remember folks, it starts with you. Call your local radio stations and request to hear Krystal Keith. 
You can follow Krystal via twitter @KrystalKeith.
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