Keith Urban talks about his wife being knocked down by paparazzi

Keith Urban
A little over a week ago, Nicole Kidman had a scary run-in with an bike-riding paparazzi in New York during fashion week. A notorious photographer rode his bike way too fast to get a picture and ended up running right into and knocking down Nicole as she was trying to get into her hotel. You can see the crash below. 

Keith Urban kept quiet about the accident at the time, but has finally spoken out about the incident, calling the crash “harrowing” and saying that the whole thing was like the “wild, wild west”.

"She called me straight away … any husband can relate to that," Keith said recently. "So luckily she wasn't seriously injured. It's the Wild Wild West, man, the police are handling it and we just move on."

At the time of the accident, Nicole had wanted to press charges against the paparazzo, but it's not clear if she ever did.

In other Keith Urban news, Billboard is reporting that Keith's new album "Fuse" has debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200. 

Congrats Keith!

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