Keith Urban jams with cute kid on The View, reveals he’s working on a line of guitars

Keith and kid
Did you happen to watch The View yesterday? 

If you didn't see it then you missed a very touching and sweet moment while Keith Urban was on.

11-year-old Carson Lueders is a Keith Urban fan who thought he was in the audience just to watch the show. Turns out the ladies of The View had a surprise up their sleeves and they ended up inviting Carson to come up and sit with Keith.  

Carson revealed that when he was just 4 years old, he saw Keith on the CMT Awards and decided he wanted to learn to play guitar too. Since then, he's been posting videos of himself performing. Turns out he's pretty darn good. 

While sitting with Keith and the ladies, Carson was asked to sing a song. He performed a little of Keith's current hit, Little Bit of Everything, with Keith joining him joining in on guitar. Afterward, Keith presented Carson with a new electric guitar, the first of a new line of guitars that Keith is involved in building (I guess that makes this story relevant now). 

Keith joked that he's out of a job.

I'm thinking he could be right. 

Check out the sweet moment below.