Keith Urban gets to work with new “American Idol” judges

On Monday, the three American Idol judges for this season were finally revealed to be Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr. Now they are officially on the clock and at work trying to find America's next big thing. 

The judges hit Boston on Tuesday as their first city to see wannabe contestants and all three were busy tweeting their experiences.

Keith Urban's first tweet about his fellow judges was a funny goof-up (or maybe he did it on purpose, it's not clear). He tweeted: “First day on the set of @AmericanIdol in Boston!! Absolutely loved working with Jennifer and Harry Styles! -KU,” he wrote, adding, “I mean @HarryConnickJR… who’s got a lotta style!!! -KU.”

Harry Styles is, of course, the boy bander (and Taylor Swift ex) from One Direction. Either it was clever or just a funny goof. Either way it was pretty cute.

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The new season of American Idol starts in January.