Is Tim McGraw starring in a movie with George Clooney?

Tim and george

UPDATE: is confirming the news.

Tim McGraw and George Clooney together on the big screen?

Um, yes please!

Various radio stations are reporting that Tim McGraw is set to star in the new movie "Tomorrowland" alongside George Clooney. I've searched and looked and dug around and can't find any other information about Tim starring in the movie besides those reports from the radio stations, but it would definitely be cool if true.

As for the movie, "Tomorrowland" seems to be pretty top secret so Tim's part being hush hush wouldn't really be that surprising. There is an IMDB page with other actors listed as being in the movie, but no Tim. From reports about the movie, it's a Disney flick that hopes to revitalize the Tomorrowland part of the parks in the same way that "The Pirates of the Caribbean" movies made that classic ride cool again, but a plot for the movie is definitely being kept under tight wraps right now.  

According to the reports, filming for the movie began back in August, but Tim will reportedly begin filming in Vancouver next week. The movie is expected to hit theaters in 2014. 

I will definitely let you know when I hear anymore about Tim's ties to "Tomorrowland." 

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