Glee Project’s 2 Star Shanna Henderson Is All Country

Nashville gab

Reeltown, AL native Shanna Henderson is known for her amazing voice while on the hit reality T.V. show The Glee Project 2. Although she didn't win, she gained a huge fanbase world wide. Most of the songs Shanna performed on the show were rock/pop hits. Her heart, however, has always been with country music. As soon as she was done with The Glee Project 2 she moved to Nashville, TN where she continued to follow her dreams. Shanna currently released a new single titled "A Well" which was written by Will Robinson and Julie Forester. Will Robinson has had a ton of number one hits including songs by Alabama, Earl Thomas Conley and Doug Stone. Will country radio accept Shanna with open arms? Could she be the next lady of country music? One thing is for sure, she isn't stopping anytime soon. 

You can find out more about Shanna Henderson and her music by visiting her website .

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