Gary Allan sends handwritten apology to radio stations

Gary allan apology letter
Drama, drama, drama. Way too much drama this past week. 

In case you've been living under a rock, there's been a whole big brouhaha after Zac Brown went after Luke Bryan and his newest single That's My Kind of Night. In an interview with Vancouver's 93.7 last week, Zac stated in no uncertain terms that That's My Kind of Night was the worst song ever. 


People got pissed.

Zac then took to the Zac Brown Band's Twitter to clarify his comments, saying that what he had said was okay because he likes Luke and Luke's music, he just hates this newest song, which is actually fine because Luke hadn't written the song himself anyway. 

And people were still pissed. Come on! You can't say things like that about someone who looks that good in tight jeans and not expect people to revolt. You just can't. 

Then came Justin Moore's response to Zac's comments where he said basically, "Yo, bro, what the hell? We all have our opinions but where's the love for a fellow member of the country music singing fraternity?" 

I'm paraphrasing, of course. 

Then Jason Aldean jumped into the fray and defended Luke with a post on Instagram. He said much the same thing as Justin but used the word "shit" so he may, in fact, have been angrier than Justin. You be the judge.

Then the dude who wrote That's My Kind of Night (Dallas Davidson) got involved (and rightfully so), saying basically that Zac's comments were "not cool."

This whole time, the man of the hour, Luke Bryan, has remained mum on the subject and seems to be the only person who doesn't have an opinion – or at least not one that he wants to share publicly. Probably a smart decision. He's performed on America's Got Talent and joined Taylor Swift on stage in Nashville and is probably using what little downtime he has to count all the money he's been making from the controversy. 

In between the whole mess above came Gary Allan who seemed to be the unfortunate victim of a poorly timed interview snippet release. As luck would have it, Gary's comments had nothing to do with Luke Bryan or Luke Bryan's new single, but his comments came across as similar enough that he got roped into the same mess.

Gary had an interview with Larry King recently. As they often do, the show released a snippet of the interview before the full interview aired. Welcome to shit storm #2. The Examiner picked up the story, called Gary out for "blasting" Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift as pop stars and away we went again. Only problem was that the interview snippet only gave a portion of his comments and Gary didn't actually "blast" anyone.


Gary's been trying to explain and apologize ever since, even though he really didn't have anything to apologize for.

Enter the handwritten note (which may actually be typed rather than handwritten, I can't really tell for sure), that Gary sent to radio stations around the country explaining what he meant to get across in the interview.

Again, unnecessary but a nice touch.

Whew, what a mess. I'm not sure why people aren't allowed to have an opinion anymore without the world trying to implode. One thing's for certain, though, the upcoming awards shows should be quite interesting to watch. 

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