Fan pays $10,000 for picture with Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt
Here's a question for you … how much would you be willing to pay for a picture with your favorite star? For me these days I could swing maybe $4.95, anything more than that and I'd be cutting into the food and toilet paper budget. 

But I guess it's all relative.

One Travis Tritt fan recently put up a whopping $10,000 for a picture with the star. It was all for a great cause, though, so despite what you're thinking the fan wasn't actually completely insane. 

From Travis Tritt's Facebook

This past Saturday evening in Denver – I played a private Charity event to benefit the America Cancer Society. This is Jim Humphrey who bought the guitar at auction. He made another $10,000 donation to The American Cancer Society in my name for the opportunity to take the other photo after the show. I couldn't pass up an offer like that to contribute to such a good cause and I / The Cancer Society appreciate his thoughtful generosity !

What a great reason to spend an insanely large amount of money. Very cool. 

[Photo courtesy Travis Tritt's Facebook]

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