Ex Tim McGraw band member reportedly planning tell-all book

Uh oh, looks like those non-disclosure agreements I'm pretty sure Tim McGraw had his ex band members sign may not hold up as well as he might have hoped because Radar Online is reporting that one disgruntled ex employee/friend is planning a tell-all book.

According to the report (which is based on a National Enquirer story, so yeah), the juiciest part of the story of the unnamed former band member's book will involve the "homoerotic hijinks" that took place while on tour.

And – OMG! – there's a picture of Tim slapping another man’s bare bottom (enter sarcasm here).

Wait, isn't slapping bare asses like normal locker room behavior for men? I'm not exactly sure why a picture of it happening would be such a big deal, but ok. 

The aforementioned photo, which shows the 46-year-old singer with his hand on the man’s derriere, was taken during a concert in Milwaukee, after “Tim dared his drummer Billy Mason to run across the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans wearing bottomless leather chaps that exposed his butt.

“As Billy did it, Tim reached down and smacked him on his bare backside as a joke — and the nearly sold-out crowd roared with laughter!” the insider said.

In addition to the image, the insider said the salacious book will include “stories about how Tim made comments, and complimented some band members on the size of their manhood, as they played along with his practical jokes.”

The story goes on to say that the book isn't meant to say that Tim's gay, just that he apparently likes the gay image and loves that he's popular with gay men. The writer of the book also says that Tim “is just a huge practical joker.”

The Radar Online story is actually kind of confusing because it starts out sounding like the book will be a tell-all about a secretly gay Tim McGraw but ends up just sounding like the stuff you expect from a group of guys who are being goofy.

Oh well, the tell-all is just a rumor and probably nothing that will ever actually hit store shelves anyway.  

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  1. mwinchester@inbox.com'
    Mark W.

    I went to high school w/ Tim & graduated w/ his sister Tracy. Nothing re: Tim could be further from the truth. Whoever the author of this BS book can kiss his musical career goodbye.

    1. bobbytackett55@gmail.com'

      tim paid a lot of $$ to keep writer quiet! A Lot Of $$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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