Danielle Peck cancels shows due to sun poisoning and then shares pictures

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Wow, who even knew that sun poisoning could lead to a skin condition? I mean, sunburn and heat exhaustion or sun stroke, yeah, but actual sun poisoning? Scary.

The following info is via an email I received:

Danielle Peck announced on her social media and shared pictures of the sun poisoning (Polymorphous light eruption) she received after returning from Florida. She was due to appear at the Crockettsville Charity Concert and Trail Ride this weekend but had to cancel because she is under doctors orders to stay out of the sun and heat for the next 2 weeks. In a statement she released she says:

"It saddens me to miss this weekends show in Crockettsville. I've gone the past 5 years come hell or high water and to say I'll miss year number 6 is sad because I feel like I'm letting the kids down at the Buckhorn Children & Family services " She also went on to say "I learned a hard lesson these last few weeks. I've spent numerous years in the sun and even the occasional tanning bed, but not much really in the last few years. After a recent trip to the beach spending too much time in the sun – I returned with an extremely bad sunburn that turned in to a more than serious rash- thinking it would just go away… Now after 2 weeks of doctor's visits, 2 different prescriptions & a shot – it almost feels worse! There's no lesson like a lesson you learn through pain, but I can say for sure that from now on I will be an advocate for sunscreen and you wont catch me ever going out without it again."

Always one to add humor to a bad situation, Danielle also stated "I'll be the poster child for SPF 100 for many years to come, but maybe someone can learn from my mistakes and avoid this situation. Maybe I'll even start my own line of sunscreen called DP-SPF!!! HA HA…" 🙂

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The pictures were courtesy of the same email. Just click to enlarge.

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