Could Jessica Simpson be coming back to country music?

Jessica and Kellie

I've got a bit of news that will quickly unite all the country fans out there. Forget your hatred of Taylor or Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan's new single because I have two words that will quickly unite you in your hatred of something entirely different. 

And those two words are: Jessica Simpson. 

I can't remember another singer or band that united country music fans quicker than a mutual hatred for Jessica Simpson. I was never quite sure why either. I saw her in concert when she was on tour with Rascal Flatts and thought she was better than a few others I could mention. She wasn't spectacular, but she also wasn't what I would consider horrid like so many claimed. 

She just seemed to be one of those sorts of people that people hate with a passion for no specific reason. She was like the Gwyneth Paltrow of music. 

Well she got dropped by her country record label and then went off and had a couple babies, did a now canceled T.V. show, made a few hundred million from her various fashion-related companies, and seemed to be pretty much done with music. 

Now, however, comes word that Jessica may just be plotting her return to music … but what sort of music?

Radar Online is reporting that Jessica has decided to record a new album and that she's planning on recording it on her own terms now that she's free of pesky record labels and fatherly managers. 

“Singing is why she got into the entertainment business and something she will never stop doing. She is excited to start recording songs that she wants to record. At this point in her career, she no longer has to worry about singing songs a record label or dad tells her to record.

“She can sing whatever makes her happy, and that is exactly what she intends to do.”

But what kind of music actually makes her happy? Back when she first started, Jessica was a pop singer but when she decided to go country she said all the seemingly right things about just being a God-fearing country girl and how country music just felt right – you know, the same things all the wannabe crossovers say. You do have to kind of wonder, though, if she is in fact thinking about recording a new album, what sort of music that will be.