Carrie Underwood’s dogs get their own Twitter account

Penny and ace
Do you love Carrie Underwood's sweet little pooches as much as you love the singer herself? Do you like getting little glimpses into the home life of Carrie, Mike, and their canine brood? Then you're in luck because Carrie's two dogs, Penny and Ace, now have their very own Twitter account.

Fans can head over to @AceAndPenny to see what it's like to be Carrie's pampered pooches. There are lots of photos and cute tweets and the best part is it appears that Carrie and her husband Mike are behind the very personal account with tweets like "Waiting for Mommy to get home…" and "No matter how many times they come to the house, we LOVE to make loud, obnoxious threats to the people that take care of the plants outside!"

For someone who was scared to use Twitter for years, Carrie sure has gotten into the fun of the whole tweeting business.



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