Blake Shelton is apparently a gum bandit


Well now this is kind of gross, but in a funny sort of way. 

Today on “LIVE with Kelly and Michael,” Blake Shelton reminded the hosts that he’s permanently left his mark on
the LIVE set.

On his last visit, in March of 2013, Shelton stopped his
interview with co-host Michael Strahan and guest co-host Maria Menounos when he
realized he’d accidentally walked out with gum in his mouth. He quickly solved
the problem by sticking the gum underneath the plush guest chair. Today, as he
sat down with Strahan and co-host Kelly Ripa, his first order of business was to
see if the original piece of gum was still underneath his seat. LIVE’s camera
revealed that it’s still there, to the delight of the LIVE audience, and Shelton
then added another wad, noting “I think this should be … I want this to be my
little tradition, for every visit.”

Now that the secret's out, I wonder how long until some working stiff on the show gets out a butter knife, peels that gum from the bottom of the chair, and puts it on eBay? 

[Photo credit:David Steele/Disney-ABC Domestic TV]

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