Alan Jackson is sad but gentlemanly about the disappearance of traditional country

Alan Jackson
You have to love Alan Jackson. The man is pretty much as country as country gets and definitely a gentleman, even when discussing the pop-country usurpers displacing him on the radio.  

“Right now, it seems like it’s gone,” Jackson tells The Baltimore Sun of the lack of traditional country music. “It’s not that I’m against all that’s out there. There’s some good music, good songwriting and good artists out there, but there’s really no country stuff left.”

He says that he’s not against the new country, he just wishes radio would learn to balance the new with the old. “It’s always been that constant pop-country battle. I don’t think it’s ever going to change,” Jackson said. “What makes me sad today is that I think the real country, real roots-y traditional stuff, may be gone. I don’t know if it’ll ever be back on mainstream radio. You can’t get it played anymore.”

If you’re dying for something more traditional, you can preorder Jackson’s new album, “The Bluegrass Album,” on Amazon
now. It hits stores September 20. 


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