Gretchen Wilson and NASCAR join forces

Press release: 

Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Gretchen Wilson will be featured in ESPN's telecasts of the 10 races in the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, which begins with the Sunday, Sept. 15, event at Chicagoland Speedway.

Wilson, who has appeared at numerous NASCAR races and had a connection to racing as a child, will narrate and appear in the opening teases of the telecasts of the 10 races, with each tease tailored to the racetrack hosting that week's event. In addition, her music will be featured through the entire Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup on ESPN.

"Just as NASCAR appeals to a great cross-section of American people, the same can be said for Gretchen Wilson's blend of song and attitude that has made her an icon of the music industry for the past decade," said Rich Feinberg, ESPN vice president, motorsports, production. "We look forward to showcasing her music and personality during the Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup." 


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Want a meet & greet with Miranda Lambert? Adopt a puppy

Miranda Lambert and fan
Most people think that in order to get to meet Miranda Lambert you have to go to one of her concerts and keep your fingers crossed that you might be lucky enough to win meet & greet passes through your local radio station. 

It's turning out, though, an even better way to meet Miranda might be to adopt a dog. 

Miranda's dog rescue efforts are legendary and it seems that she's always bringing home dogs that she's found on her adventures touring around the country. Turns out if you adopt one of those dogs she's rescued you may actually get to meet the lady herself when you come pick up your new friend. 


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Toby Keith announces new album, Drinks After Work

Toby Keith drinks after work
His current chart-running single "Drinks After Work"may be wetting the whistle of music fans, but Toby Keith is springing for a dozen more rounds with the October 29 release of his latest album.

Available in 10-track standard and 13-track deluxe editions, Drinks After Work again finds Keith serving as sole producer and principle songwriter with credit on nine of 10 tracks. Longtime collaborators Scotty Emerick, Bobby Pinson and Rivers Rutherford return as co-writers on multiple songs.

Beyond the title track and nine other cuts (listed below), the deluxe addition also includes "Call A Marine," "Margaritaville"(featuring Sammy Hagar) and "Chuckie's Gone." The latter is a tribute to Toby's bandleader Chuck Goff, who died unexpectedly earlier this year. Goff is also remembered in the liner notes:

"This album is dedicated in memory of Chuck Goff, our longtime bandleader-bass player. He will live on forever in our thoughts and in our performances. We miss ya, Shmudlo." 


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