Urine-drinking T.V. adventurer Bear Grylls gets into the country music business

You probably know Bear Grylls from his adventure reality shows such as Man Vs. Wild, but it turns out he's also into music and soon you may be hearing an artist on the radio that his talent company manages. 

Grylls and his crew were in New Zealand back in March to tape a segment of his new show Get Out Alive with Bear Grylls. Due to being rained out and not being able to shoot, Grylls ended up meeting New Zealand country singer Jody Direen while she was performing at a local restaurant . Grylls' was so impressed with the 24-year-old singer that he signed Jody to his United States-based talent management company Bear Grylls Ventures. Now they have plans of introducing her to the country lovers of the United States. 

''We feel Jody has what it takes to be considered among today's brightest country music stars. The goal is to bring Jody's music to as many people as possible.

"We want to share her talent with the masses – from there, the sky is the limit,'' BGV talent manager CJ Cardenas said.

After signing with Grylls' company, Direen headed to California where she had a meeting and performed in Hollywood for 19 Entertainment – the talent group which manages stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Carrie Underwood. 

"It was mind-blowing for me – just got off the plane from Wanaka to LA, never been to America before. So yeah, the next day I found myself performing for Carrie Underwood's manager," Direen said

Direen's new single is set to be released on September 23 and an album is due at the end of the year in New Zealand. It's not certain when American fans might get the chance to hear music from the up-and-comer. 

If you'd like to hear more from the Kiwi singer, you can follow her on Twitter and Facebook