Tyler Farr performs in Decatur, Illinois (exclusive photos)

George strikes again. 

NashvilleGab photographer buddy, George Strohl, recently had the chance to check out Tyler Farr when he performed at the Decatur Celebration August 2nd in Decatur, Illinois.

He says the concert was free as part of the Celebration, and there was a large crowd ready to get "Redneck Crazy"!!

As always, I want to say thank you to George. Be sure to check out his website if you're in the Central Illinois area. 

  • Tyler-Farr-Decatur-Celebration-0004
  • Tyler-Farr-Decatur-Celebration-0005
  • Tyler-Farr-Decatur-Celebration-0008
  • Tyler-Farr-Decatur-Celebration-0010
  • Tyler-Farr-Decatur-Celebration-0011

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