Trace Adkins doesn’t care for this line of questioning

TracePhoto: GAC

Reluctant heartthrob Trace Adkins is apparently not a fan of some questions … like do you prefer him with or without his hat?

Seems like a harmless enough question and one that we probably all have an answer for (I personally prefer Trace with a hat). 

On Friday, The Boot posted a poll on their website asking this very question. Trace, or someone on his team, ended up retweeting The Boot's tweet about it … only he now says he wasn't the one who retweeted it and doesn't think it's a question you should bother yourself with.

Hmm. I don't know why he thinks his fans shouldn't care about this question. It's a very valid question, at least in my book. 

Maybe next time The Boot should instead ask their fans if they prefer Trace with or without pants since Trace has been known to tweet pictures of himself in various states of each in the past. Trust me, I think his fans have their preference on this question too.

Photos via Trace's Twitter

Trace bare butt Trace bare butt