Be careful … those Taylor Swift quotes might actually have come from Hitler

This is genius. Pure, simple, evil genius.

One of the things I hate about Facebook are all the damn little pictures people post that have quotes from famous folks on them. It's not that I have an aversion to famous sayings, it's more that I'm never sure if I'm reading an actual quote from that person or something someone just made up. How am I supposed to look smart at parties by throwing around random quotes from famous folks if I'm not even sure the inspiring saying came from Gandhi or Abe Lincoln or Marilyn Monroe?

It's annoying. 

Now, however, comes a real reason to ALWAYS double check that that quote actually came from the famous person you're attributing it to. 

A Pinterest user named Emily Pattinson has been creating some happy little Taylor Swift quote pictures. Many of them are very inspirational and I can see them ending up on the timeline of millions of little girls' Facebooks.  

Only problem is they're actually quotes from Hitler and Stalin and good ol' Bin Laden and not actually anything Taylor said. 

So if you see a picture of Taylor like the one above or others that seem like something you might want to share with your friends and family, you might want to consult Google first. 


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