Taylor Swift is scared of sea urchins because of course she is

Sea urchinVirtualTourist.com

I can think of a lot of things to be scared of in this world … nuclear war, clowns, knife-wielding psychopaths, but sea urchins is definitely not something I've ever thought about as being exactly scary. Taylor Swift, however, thinks they're terrifying. 

Marie Claire recently chatted with Swift and asked her a bunch of random questions like what's on her mind (Why the remote in my hotel room won't work), what's on her wish list (Contentment, a mint-green bike, and the ingredients to make Shirley Temples), and also what in life scares her.

Taylor's list of scary things is different to say the least. They are, in no particular order: 

1. "Sea urchins"

2. "Googling myself"

3. "Earwigs"

4. "Cynics" 

5. "Getting arrested"

I'll admit that earwigs are pretty scary or at least very creepy crawly, but I guess my lack of fear of sea urchins technically could come from the fact that I live in the middle of Idaho and not in a beachside mansion. Maybe someday I'll be rich enough to form a healthy fear of prickly sea urchins myself. 

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