So these musicians decided to come to town and clean up

This is a practice that all musicians should adopt … get hands-on in the cities you perform at. 

Just sitting here getting my day slowly going when a news story came on the T.V. that caught my eye. A pop-bluegrass band (who knew such a thing existed?) called The Infamous Stringdusters came to my neck of the woods yesterday and decided to do something good for the community. They headed over to the Boise River, a place where people love to litter as they're floating the river, and spent their day picking up trash. 

What a good bunch of guys. Sure, big country stars can hold benefit concerts and donate bunches of money when the need arises, but it's the little things like this that really creates some goodwill. 

If you want to hear some of the band's music, you can check out their website and YouTube.