More proof Martina McBride has probably parted ways with her record label

Back in February, I had heard a rumor that Martina McBride and Republic Nashville had parted ways. I wrote a story about it and then never heard any more news. At the time, Martina was still listed on Republic's artist roster so it was possible the rumor was just a rumor. 

Today, a reader emailed and pointed out that Martina is no longer listed on either Big Machine or Republic Nashville's list of artists. I headed over and sure enough, she's gone. You can still visit her artist page if you dig for it, but she's gone from the main artist page. 

Never a good sign when a label makes you dig around for an artist's info. 

I've put a couple of emails in to various people to see if anyone will confirm that Martina's no longer a Republic Nashville artist, but so far I haven't received anything. Probably safe to assume that Martina's now a free agent, however. 

Republic artists

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