Miranda Lambert and Lee Ann Womack to appear on Don Henley’s new solo album

Don Henley
Don Henley, who is probably best known as a founding member of the Eagles, is getting ready to release a new solo album called "Cass County." Now comes word that two of country's biggest names are appearing on the album with him.

During an interview Miranda Lambert recently had with Cleveland.com, it was revealed that she and Lee Ann Womack both made the cut on Henley's new album.

Q: I just did an interview — email, just like this one — with the Eagles’ Don Henley, and we talked a little about the East Texas/Piney Woods influence on him. Talk a little about that, please.

A: Most of my influence truly came from my parents. While growing up, my dad played guitar and wrote some songs, and there was always music in our house. Mostly Merle Haggard, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn. My mom loved Aretha Franklin, and we had tons of R&B mixed in with that, too.

Q: Also, Henley told me you and fellow East Texan Lee Ann Womack appeared on his upcoming solo album. Please tell me about the song you did, who wrote it, what it was like to work with him, and how it all came about.

A: That’s great news; I actually hadn't heard that it made it on there. It was a bit scary — I mean, he is one of the EAGLES!

As to what sort of music fans can expect, Henley had given an interview back in April and said about the album: 

“That’s the name of the rural county I come from in northeast Texas,” Henley said of the title. “The album was recorded mostly in Nashville, with some additional recording done in Texas and California. The material on it is a reflection of a part of my musical foundation — songs I heard on the radio and on my parents’ record player in the ’50s and ’60s. It’s not exactly a ‘retro’ album, but neither does it reflect much of what’s going on in ‘modern’ music.”

Continued Henley, “It’s primarily a record for grown-ups — people who’ve done some living. It explores the landscape of memory and experience. There are a few cover songs on the album, but most of the content is new, original material.”

There's no word on what songs Miranda and Lee Ann will have on Henley's album. There's also no official release date, although I've read both September and sometime in 2014, so your guess is as good as mine. 

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