Miranda Lambert ‘All Kinds of Kinds’ – Video Review

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With the release of Miranda Lambert’s new video for ‘All
Kinds of Kinds’, this presumably marks the end of the ‘Four The Record’ era.
While Miranda is busy getting started on her fifth album, ‘All Kinds of Kinds’
does that age-old thing of using concert footage, both to advertise the final
few tour dates and because they don’t have the time or the funding to film a
proper music video.

I usually see this as a major cop-out as do most other fans
I notice (makes it really obvious that that single is just designed to milk the
final few valuable remains of that album), but this particular video doesn’t
actually get that criticism from me. They
made an effort here at least. 

Interspersed with a wide variety of concert footage are
black-and-white shots of Miranda and her band jamming out the song in a circle
acoustically. Miranda’s doing lots of smiling and bobbing and it makes things
feel more cheerful, as well as selling the song as a normal music video would.
They’ve also gone to the trouble of filming lots of people in public places holding
up whiteboards with messages on, for example “teacher kind” “farmer kind” “tall
kind”, etc, meant to represent the different kinds of people the song is
talking about. Of course, they don’t really go further than a few tattooed guys
for pushing the boundaries of representing all kinds of people, which I am
disappointed in I must say. Obviously with Miranda’s current place at the top
of the country music tree, they don’t want to rock the boat.

What’s pretty cool about the concert footage, however, is
that it’s not just varying shots of said artist singing the song with a few of
them in different outfits singing other songs. The director gets a bit arty
here, with out of focus shots, different levels of zoom, angles and switching
between color and black-and-white, as well as shots of Miranda on stage not
singing that appear almost “staged”, and not as part of any live show.  This really adds some gravity to the video
and makes it a hell of a lot more interesting than basically all other live
videos. All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with this video.

You can watch it below.


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