Luke Bryan Takes Over Columbia, Maryland


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On August, 28th 2013 Merriweather Pavilion was flooded with country music fans and they all had the same goal in common, to see Luke Bryan shake it. Standing in the meet and greet line I noticed everyone seemed to be anxiously awaiting Luke's arrival. Most of the conversations consisted not of his music, but of his incredibly good looks. Part of me felt like saying, "Excuse me, what about his music?" I guess I am old school when it comes to my country music. Luke eventually made his way into the meet and greet which clearly caused major anxiety for every girl in that line. I walked up and greeted him in my own charming fashion… 

"Where did you buy those jeans? Baby gap?"

*laughs* "That's a good one girl!"

Okay, maybe not exactly charming but hey everyone loves a good sense of humor, right? 

Unfortunately, my shenanigans with Luke caused me to miss most of the opening acts. Kelleigh Bannen started the show off. I was able to catch the first song though. I've actually seen Kelleigh perform before and she is one of my favorite female artists. Her voice? perfect. Her style? amazing. Most of you will know her by her most popular single "Sorry On The Rocks." 

Next to take the stage was Thomas Rhett. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't bummed about missing half of his set. Thomas Rhett, son of Rhett Akins, is the total package. His songwriting skills never seem to surprise me and let's face it…he is pretty decent eye candy. He wore a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt, now I know what your thinking, a grown man in a Marilyn Monroe shirt? I can say this..he is the only man on earth who could pull that off. He looked very cool and modern. He performed "Beer With Jesus" which was a single on country radio recently. He also performed "1994" which he wrote, however, it was a big hit for Jason Aldean. He worked the stage, his voice was on point and he seemed to be enjoying himself. He ended his set with a song that really started his career and that would be "Something To Do With My Hands." Thomas Rhett was amazing, end of story.

Headliner, Luke Bryan, opened up with "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" which was his fourth single from his album Tailgates and Tanlines. He did his normal body rolls and ass shaking which the crowd expects. Luke has so much personality on stage which I think is important. No one wants to see a boring show. He also performed "Country Man" which was released in 2008 from his album I'll Stay Me. Obviously, he performed his most recent singles "Crash My Party" and "My Kind Of Night." However, what stood out to me was when he introduced "Muckalee Creek Water" which was also a track from Tailgates and Tanlines. Luke told the crowd, "We like to sit out there..drink moonshine, catch catfish and shoot our guns up in the air and nobody says a damn thing about it." He really connected with that song and it was certainly a high point of the night. I also noticed Luke has been working on his guitar skills. Last year I don't remember him playing the guitar as much on stage. He really is growing into a fine musician.

Luke has a few typical things he does at most of his shows, for instance throwing a few cans of beer into the crowd. He also likes to steal a couple cell phones and take photos of himself, I'm sure whoever owns the phone is perfectly fine with this. He also does a few songs that wouldn't be considered country such as Sir Mix Alot "Baby Got Back." He has fun with it and isn't to serious about getting it right. I really enjoyed the "Pickin & Grinnin" part where he sat around with his band and they each played their instrument. Luke was on the piano, of course. This is a more backwoods tradition, more of a bluegrass genre. It's nice to see this live in such a time where country music is changing into craziness. He really brought back that classic country vibe. He introduced each of his band members as they passed around some moonshine, priceless. The best part of the entire show was when he performed "Dirt Road Diary" which is on his most recent album Crash My Party. Once again, he connected with the song and I felt a real moment happening. Luke ended his set with "Country Girl (shake it for me)" which is common if you've ever been to a Luke Bryan concert. Upon leaving the stage he threw out some more beer and did his best version of twerking. It's no surprise why he is named 2013 Entertainer Of The Year. Dirt Road Diaries Tour….best show of the summer.  


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