Luke Bryan has wallet stolen … headed for #1 album

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Luke Bryan's having a pretty damn good week. On Tuesday, he released his fourth studio album "Crash My Party" and it's been going gangbusters. 

According to Billboard, the album is set to take the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart next week. If Billboard's soothsayers are correct, the album should come in with at least 450,000 copies sold by the end of the tracking week on Sunday, August 18. According to the site, that would mark the largest sales week for Bryan, and the biggest for any male country artist since Kenny Chesney sold 469,000 copies of his album "The Road and the Radio" back in 2005. 

If Luke does sell 450,000 copies, that would make "Crash My Party" the third-largest sales week of 2013. 

Unfortunately for Luke, he had a bad thing happen that kinda, sorta balances out his really good news.

According to Taste of Country, Luke recently had his wallet stolen with all his IDs, credit cards, cash … the whole kit and caboodle. 

He told Phoenix radio station KMLE during a recent interview that he was flying into Seattle and had his wallet and other valuables in a backpack. While making his way onto his bus, the backpack mysteriously grew legs and walked away.

But hey, he's got a probable #1 album so it's all good.