Luke Bryan explains why cowboy hats aren’t for him

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After (or maybe before) his performance on the Today Show this morning, Luke Bryan answered a few questions for their Backstage Pass extra. Luke answers questions like what's his favorite song to perform and what he'd be doing if he wasn't performing. He also answered the question why he wears a baseball cap instead of a cowboy hat. 

Luke says the easy answer is his cap is lucky; that and he's a country boy not a cowboy. 

I just grew up on the farm wearing farmer hats and stuff like that. Then a few years back one of my good buddies, Adam LaRoche who plays first baseman for the Washington Nationals, gave me this hat and I just started wearing it and good things started happening so if it ain't broke, don't fix it. 

I grew up in South Georgia as a country boy. I never really was like a cowboy so I always felt like a cowboy truly ought to rock a cowboy hat and I'm just kind of a country boy/ex-baseball player so I ought to wear a country boy/ex-baseball player hat. 

Good answer. Stay true to your butt-shaking, baseball-cap-wearing self, Luke.