Kip Moore makes ALL his fans feel special


Nothing warms my heart more than a country star who takes time to pay attention to his/her fans.

Okay maybe puppies warm my heart more, but country stars paying extra attention to fans is a real close second. 

I think we've all heard stories of big stars who go out of their way to avoid or be just plain rude to their fans. Thankfully you don't hear too much of that in country music, but it does happen. 

One rising star, however, recently made lifelong fans of some concert goers when he took extra effort to make them feel special. @KipMooreFBFans pointed me in the direction of this story over on about how Kip went the extra few feet at the Sioux Empire Fair to show ALL his fans some love. 

This is an e-mail the radio station received from Nicole Rice.

I want to thank you for bringing Kip Moore to the fair last night. I went with my disabled sister and Kip made me & my family fans for life! In the years I have been going to concerts with my sister no singer has ever entered the disabled seating area and acknowledged them like Kip did. Most bands/singers will point and sing to the disabled seating for a few minutes of the show, but Kip went in and made sure to either shake hands or hug each one of those individuals. He is a stand up gentleman and made a lasting impression on all of them. My sister, my mom, & I will never forget last night. Thank you to KIKN and Kip Moore for simply being AWESOME!! I have so much more I want to say about how great the show was, but I am sure you have limited space for me to type. Again – THANK YOU :)

Great guy that Kip Moore. Let's hope as his star keeps rising so does his love of his fans. 


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