Kellie Pickler, ‘Little Bit Gypsy’ – Single Review

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Coming off a stellar 2012 release ("100 Proof"), Kellie Pickler is still finding her niche, in many ways. While her last studio project was decidedly more traditional, her new single "Little Bit Gypsy" (which follows the remarkable "Someone Somewhere Tonight") tests the waters for a more pop and rock-leaning sound, a trend which the mainstream is now basking in. On the surface, this might appear a little disappointing, but upon listening to the new uptempo track, Kellie pulls it off quite well.

Featuring lucious guitar smacks, bubbly finger snaps and a rather infectious chorus, Kellie is ramping up her sassy side on "Little Bit Gypsy." The track begins a little on the mellow side, but once it gets going, she blows through the landscape like a tornado being unleashed on all those unsuspecting country music fans. It's almost as if Kellie has been hanging around the Pistol Annies lately (and I wouldn't be surprised, honestly, if that were to be true), as the song possesses a feisty spirit and a commanding attitude.

"I’m traveling circus train, spinning weather vane, blowing where the blows," she sings to her man, warning him about her tumble weed-like nature. "I was born to chase the sun, some horses gotta run. Yeah I’m always gonna be a little bit gypsy."

What is so terrific about this song is that it continues to incorporate those traditional sounds and influences Kellie established on her "100 Proof" record. She brings Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton into the 21st Century with an added spice of hair-tossing, high-heel shoe wearing and glamorous ballroom dance realness. While her previous single "Someone Somewhere Tonight" did not generate as much radio airplay as it could have, this followup is the perfect summer-into-fall jam (without being transparently annoying). It's catchy, flirty, fun and really shows off Kellie's bouncy personality.

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Overall Grade: A+

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